Second highest seizure of brown sugar

Phuentsholing police arrested two men in possession of brown sugar based on a tip off by an informer. They were arrested from Saheel hotel on March 17 at around mid-night.

Phuentsholing police seized 30.83 grams of brown sugar from the two men. The drug was packed in small packets wrapped in a white paper and then concealed in a pair of new shoes.

It is probable that the men bought the substance in Siliguri because they had travelled to Siliguri on  March 14, staying there for 2 nights and returning to Phuentsholing March 16.

One of the men, 25- year-old man is from Nyisho, Wangdue and is a guide while the other is 30-year-old from Kurtoe and is a private businessman.

As per NDPSAA 2015, Section 139, a defendant shall be guilty of the offence of Illicit trafficking of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances if he or she possesses, imports, exports, stores, sells, purchases, transports, distributes, or supplies, any substances under Schedules I and II of this Act regardless of the degree of purity or formulation; or any substances under Schedules III and IV of this Act regardless of the degree of purity.

Section 140, clause 1 states that, the offence of illicit trafficking of any substance under Schedule I and II of this Act shall be a felony of first degree if the quantity is equal to or more than two times the quantity determined in Schedule VII of this Act.

The imprisonment of the Felony of first degree is from 15 years to life. The suspects are currently under Phuentsholing police custody for further investigation.


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