Second tenure for the new foreign secretary

His Majesty the king appointed Yeshey Dorji who previously held the position of the permanent representative to the UN mission in Geneva   as the new foreign secretary in place of Daw Penjo on Thursday.

He received the white scarf without fringes and patang from his majesty as ex-officio symbols of office. His Majesty appointed him through the recommendation of the Prime Minister as stated by the Constitution of Bhutan. Yeshey Dorji has served as the foreign secretary prior to Daw Penjo so this is his second tenure.


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  1. You know there is no accountability in the MOFA when the previous and present FS have just swapped jobs. During the tenure of Daw Penjore as the FS, he could not even deal with the scandal of how some Bhutanese diplomats posted at various embassies around the world claimed money for home leave travel to the tune of USD 15,000/- when no travel was ever made. The justification given was that if the diplomat and his family had indeed made the journeys which they were entitled to, it would have cost the RGOB even more, which is bullocks as everyone knows. The fact is that the diplomat enriched himself by 15,000 USD while there was no actual saving to the government, which put simply in layman’s terms is stealing. Just mark my words, the very same diplomats involved in such unethical behavior will in the next few years be appointed as ambassadors. A case in point is the appointment of Lyonpo YZs brother as the ambassador to Brussels, every one who knows him will vouch that he is one of the most undiplomatic persons you will ever meet, so his appointment as an ambassador was very confusing. And then no action taken against the Ambassador who has just been recalled in disgrace from Brussels for misappropriating vast sums of euros, that too by not paying his own maid, how someone representing ones country as an ambassador can stoop so low is beyond me. 

    But in reality, after a few years, these same people will be shifted around as if they are the most capable people left on the planet. In regard to the DG of TCB who has now been appointed as the new ambassador to Thailand, for the sake of every one, I just hope that the King of Thailand does not endorse his appointment. He is someone who has no scruples and rose rapidly through the ranks for being the late Lyonpo Dawa’s number one yes man.

    A clean up is called for at the MOFA and that too without further aduo

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