Secretariat formed to help establish the Commission for the new economy

The Secretariat for the new economy has been formed which is the first step toward the establishment of a new commission to be formed by the Prime Minister, Jigme Y. Thinley as proposed at the UN Conference in New York conference in April.

“The Executive order is not to form a Commission but to create the Secretariat with several jobs to help form the Commission,” said the information and communications Secretary, Dasho Kinley Dorji.

The role of the Commission is International but that of the Secretariat will be domestic. The purpose of the Commission is to bring change in the economic system, to make the economy and the environment work together with the four principals; fair distribution, efficient use of resources, live in sustainable ecology and, the economy has to serve the social goals.

“In the Secretariat, we will be doing the correspondence, send out the proposals and the letters of invitation. Then we will revise, review and do all the necessary things to help form the Commission,” said Tashi Choden of the Secretariat.

One of the Advisors said that following the UN conference at New York, people are really looking to Bhutan for leadership but they have very limited capacity, very less resources and that’s why they are seeking for funds and sponsors for the Commission to work with the great minds across the world.

The Prime Minister will make a statement promoting the vision for a new economic system but it won’t happen at Rio because the Commission needs to work more on how the new economy system works.

At Rio+20, the Prime Minister who has been asked to give an opening address will report that with this initiative the new economy system will be launched. The PM will also present the report of the UN conference at the Rio+20 UN Commission on Sustainable Development to be held in Brazil in June.

At the UN conference of 2 April, the world recognized that the old system doesn’t work and the new system should be developed and Bhutan has committed to carry this Commission forward and this will be announced at the Rio + 20 conferences.

The PM is also sending out a set of policies to every leader in the world which they could start to consider implementing to make the Commission happen. Those policies were considered at the UN conference and were already set before the Commission existed.

The Secretariat for the new economy will work on to bring the knowledge to the general public about the new economic system.

“Hopefully with this new system of economy, it will be able to have a GNH society with a GNH economy instead of GDP economy,” said a member of the Secretariat.

The Commission will be working with some of the best minds of the world, the most brilliant and absolute economists of the world to work together for the fair ecological, efficient economic system for Bhutan.

Over the next year these experts will work together and try to produce documentations on best practices to bring positive changes.

A staff member at the secretariat commented that there are lots of steps that the Commission has to work on because it has to be done properly and exceptionally, as it really has to be accepted and things can’t be done half way as Bhutan’s reputation is at stake.

He said the Prime Minister’s target is not Rio but September 2013, when the United Nations General Assembly meets, with the outlines and guidelines of the new economic system.

“It is very hard for a GNH society with GDP economy. This Commission is very important, it’s not just a committee but it’s very visionary and incredible for a country like Bhutan leading to bring the positive change in the economic system with GNH,” said the member of the Secretariat.

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  1. what a crap? first, solve the rupee crisis!

    • While i truly appreciate the efforts of my PM to guide the world on development path, we should be extremely careful because most of the terms we are proposing are nothing but the principles of ‘Sustainable Development”. And we have to be aware that, the world have already done heaps of research on such fields. Let us not be too reactive rather i would first opt to improve our own society’s living standard rather than advising or at times chiding the world. Long live Bhutan.

      • I think what Dorji proposed is correct. I do not find much difference between the principles of SD and the objectives of the commission. Let us build our nation first rather than telling others what to do.

  2. I agree with karma first solve the rupee crisis before you go and help the world

  3. September 2013-the paper to be presented. Wonder which govt. will be there then?

  4. I think in 2013, it will be same party, but hopefully different people in the party, as most of them were lazy and self serving people… watch out for them !! Really we cannot vote any one because he/she is a relative. In Bhutan, these days every ones becomes ones relative. We cannot do things at a cost of country’s future. Bad/stupid politicians means- rise in crime, bad economy, more unemployment, poverty, stupid laws, and eventually mockery by the international community, then the phrase will be “haha-hoho-hehe GHN country ! “, instead of, “wow GNH country, country of brilliant minds !” 

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