Serial-rapists sentenced to 45 years and 17 years

Two men convicted for a string of late night gang rapes, robbery, criminal attempt to voluntary manslaughter, battery and consumption, and possession of controlled substance s appeared in the Thimphu District Court for the ultimate judgment yesterday.

Tshering Dorji, a 26-year-old ex-soldier from Dogar under Paro dzongkhag was sentenced to 45 years and three months in connection to gang rapes, rape of a married woman, attempt to gang rape, attempt to voluntary manslaughter, three battery cases, robbery and consumption and possession of controlled substances.

All charges against the convict were proved beyond reasonable doubt.

The other convict Gyembo Dorji, 23 from Chang Jiji, Thimphu also an ex-soldier was sentenced to 17 years and three months prison term in connection with gang rape, attempt to gang rape, attempt to robbery, battery and consumption and possession of controlled substances.

All five charges for him had also been proved beyond reasonable doubt.

Convicted on gang rape and other criminal acts following a jury trial, Tshering Dorji and Gyembo Dorji together was found guilty of gang rape, attempt to gang rape, battery, attempted for robbery  and consumption and possession of controlled substance.

The court had no leniency for the charges and has no hesitation to sentence the defendants who were former army personnel who acted against their oaths taken for the security of the country.

The court as it passed the judgment ruled that it is hard to bear, and particularly painful act of gang rape committed by the defendant which is a very heinous, atrocious and cruel crime manifesting exceptional depravity on behalf of the defendants.

“The law cannot allow innocent lives to be defiled, traumatized, and ruined families stigmatized,” the court ruled in its judgment.

The defendants pleaded leniency on the grounds that the crimes were committed while they were under the influence of drugs.

The court ruled that reducing the sentence by granting concern and sympathy to the issues of “first offender” and “drugs influence” would render the theory of deterrent punishment a mockery, especially at a time when the crime rate in the country is on the rise.

“The safety and security of women should be protected and ensured, the court must be alerted to the law abiding mission as an instrument of justice.” The verdict stated.

The court has no hope in the reformation of the two defendants and they were given 10 days to appeal to the High Court.

Their victims, five in total, a married woman and four young women were in the age range of  22- 25 when they were assaulted.

Of the five victims, one of them was compensated by the District Court while others could not reached by the court.


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  1. judgement was done good i think but to know why tht guy did all those for is another aspect i would like to know because there are another tshering dorjis or armies who can repeat the same mistake.some errors/loophole is surely one reason for that..lets identify them..soon

  2. Hang them…a better justice

  3. the rapists should be hanged immediately or the most severe form of punishment should be given so that the next time anyone who thinks of doing this disguisting acts will shudder at the thought of the punishments.

  4. Hang them to death—no sin will be created for killing such beasts ……how terrible to hear such news in a supposedly peaceful country like ours……..

  5. such dreadful criminal has never recorded in Bhutan and i think the court  has given excellent justice by sentencing 75 years, three months and 17 years three month.  An indirect life sentence. well done the court of justice. This  people deserve castration punishment. or else ……..hang them to death 

  6. Chop then into pieces we dnt want such miscreants in our peaceful country. they really deserve to hang in view of the public 

  7. kill them

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