Series of burglary cases being reported at the South Police Division

The South Police Division has apprehended two men in their 30s related to burglaries in Thimphu. Though the suspects have confessed to seven cases of burglary, only four cases have been reported.

2 reported cases of burglary are in Babesa and 2 in Olakha. The places of occurrence are all known to be in residential areas.

It was known that the suspects involved are ex-convicts charged with similar cases, drug cases, and are also repeat offenders recently released from prison.

Upon interrogation, the suspects confessed that they target mainly residential areas with fewer security systems. By evening, they observe the house where the lights are turned off, destroy the locks if there are no CCTV cameras, and even check the keys, targeting those houses with easy and simple locks and even houses where keys are hidden under foot mats and visible areas of the house.

They have targeted mostly electronic gadgets, stealing 3 laptops, 1 mobile phone, 2 sound system speakers, and 2 wristwatches. The complainants have also complained about losing a gold necklace and a cash amount of Nu 50,000, however, the suspects have not confessed to it.

They are found to be habitual offenders and have been doing burglary for fast cash.

The South Division Police stated that they were able to catch the suspects with strict surveillance, both from the way they have been operating and also through their known sources.

After the suspects was apprehended and interrogated thoroughly, one confessed that the stolen things were at his girlfriend’s residence. His girlfriend, upon interrogation, was found not involved.

From the 7 cases, with the 3 attempts it was found that the neighbors have seen the incident happening, however, it was not reported. The police urge individuals to report such incidence occurring immediately.

The South Police Division urges house owners or residences to refrain from putting cheap and small locks on and not to keep the house keys under foot mats. It is also advisable to inform the neighbors if one has plans to go somewhere else and install proper working surveillance cameras.

There are also reported cases of burglary from construction sites where construction materials are stolen. Most of the suspects are caught while under the influence of alcohol. The suspects, after interrogation, confess to have sold the materials to the scrap dealers with no specific details, and the reasons were known to get fast money to purchase alcohol.

RBP has given awareness to the scrap dealers on the pros and cons of buying stolen property.

This year till 2 November 2023 there has been 195 burglary cases reported with the Thimphu Division having the highest reported cases of 74.

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