Service and Water Delivery to be top priority: Thimphu Thrompon

Thimphu Thrompon Kinlay Dorjee before becoming Thimphu Thrompon in 2011 was a general manager in the customer services division in the Bhutan Power Corporation. This will be his second term in office.

How do you feel on winning a second term?

Kinlay Dorjee – I am overwhelmed by the support and have been given positive energy to work even harder for the next five years.

What are your main priorities for the next five years?

KD – Amongst many pledges, some of the priorities are improved service delivery through online systems, outsourcing for efficient service delivery and abundant water supply through implementation of the project at Dodeyna funded by the World Bank.

The introduction of a better and efficient public transportation system with an adequate bus fleet, so that people will opt for public transport and it will help decongest the city. In addition, work on the second expressway on the other side of the river, which will also help in de-congestion.

What are some of the works that you have pledged in your last five-year term but still needs to be completed and when will they be expected to complete?

Much more has been achieved, than the pledges in the past five years except for the sewer treatment plant in Babesa, which is on track. The tendering process is underway to start construction activities within 2016.

What are some of the challenges that you have faced as a Thrompon?

Improving customer services and service delivery was one of the greatest challenges I faced in the past five years. The other was changing the mindset of people to be responsible citizens to manage their wastes and take care of the infrastructures in their communities built with funding support from donor agencies.

What would be your initiative for the better and faster development of the city?
My initiative would be involvement of private sector through outsourcing and Public Private Partnership (PPP) investment in bigger projects.

What would you like to say to your supporters and voters?

I would always thank my supporters and re-dedicate my commitment to serve them in the best way.

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