Services in place for all Dzongkhags from Gewog level: Foreign Minister

During a panel discussion yesterday, the Foreign Minister Lyonpo Tandi Dorji clarified that there has been primary focus in Thimphu and Phuentsholing since the lockdown due to reasons like extensive population, goods having to be imported from the border areas and not having independent consumption sources for vegetables among others.

He stated that so far there have not been much as much problems in other Dzongkhags as the service facilitation had been pre-planned before the COVID-19 cases hit the country.

He added “different scope and range of facilitation centers had been planned right from gewog level to the Dzongkhag level and in addition there are region-based zones like Samdrup Jongkhar for the east, Phuentsholing for the South and Thimphu for the central region”.

 The minister stated that focal persons have been identified and distributed through media and social media outlets for each Dzongkhag along with Dzongdas and hotline services were made available throughout the country.

He added that Dzongkhag essential service facilitation for vegetables and everyday items have been quite effective as their population is minimal, they are self-reliant on vegetable production and stocked up on essential goods.

He said, “For Thimphu and Phuentsholing even though there have been plans drawn beforehand, it is different while executing it. We are adapting well given that it has only been four days since the lockdown and compared to other countries who have been struggling even after such long time of lockdown, I believe going forward we can do even better”.

 He said that in case of villages it is okay to go out within their own vicinity if they do not get in close contact with their neighbors and follow health protocols.

He said, “Strictness of lockdown protocols will depend on the situation of the disease.”

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