Sewer line construction in Mothithang to end by April after delays

The two contractors awarded the laying of the sewerage lines in Mothithang and Changangkha are working over time to complete the work as soon as possible because of the traffic congestion it has created along the city’s main roads.

The contract had been extended for another two months and work must be completed by April end.

Engineer of Thimphu Thromde Samten Lhendup said the 4 km project is divided into two packages of which 1.5 KM is awarded to KP construction and more than 2 KM to Chimi Phagma construction.

Proprietor of Chimi Phagma construction said they face lots of challenges with the construction as they have to dig up the roads to lay manholes and while doing that they had to cut water pipes, cable line and electric wires. “We have to bear all the replacement cost and doing that consumes extra time,” he added.

Now with the time extension they will be able to complete work in given time.

Proprietor of KP construction said the construction of 1.5 KM sewer line will be completed in another 10 days. “Actually we could have finished in 3 to 4 days but with flow of underground water, we might take little more time to complete the work”, he said.

He also said that the main issue that they have faced is with the underground water because as they dig the road for half meter, the water would overflow leading to delay in work. “Water is not only the problem here but having to clean all the boulders beneath the road is another issue as we cannot use machine but to do manually”, he added.

He also said work got delayed by 55 days as they got stuck with the construction just below Motithang HSS, because of huge boulders and underground water.

“We used excavator and but we asked Thromde to redesign the location. After doing that, we could progress by 40 to 50 meters in a day,” he added.

The Traffic SP said that with complaints they have received from commuters they have asked both parties to complete the work at the earliest.

KP contruction bid Nu.56 lakhs for 1.5 KM while Chimi Phagma quoted approximately Nu.93 lakhs for f more than 2 KM.

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