Site engineer of Katsho Gewog goes viral for demanding better work

A video of an engineer on a site visit where she points out the poor quality of road maintenance progress work to the contractor went viral on Facebook. The site location was at Dranadingkha in Katsho Gewog, Haa.

The video which was meant to be for evidence purposes but was mistakenly uploaded by the Gewog Administrative Officer went viral on Facebook and TikTok where the public lauded the lady engineer for her honesty and pointed out the poor quality work by the contractor.

The paper got in contact with the engineer and the contractor to see what the issue was about.

According to the Sonam Choden, the engineer in the video, she was pointing out the mistake and poor quality of work to the contractor. “When I went for site inspection, I found that quality of work has been compromised. About 30 metres of the work was of poor quality, and so I pointed it out, which the contractor has rectified.”

The contractor, Kinley Tshering, said, “The issue was regarding some mistakes of mine. When the engineer came for the site inspection, she stated there was some poor quality of work for about 30 metres of the drain and the aggregate ratio was lesser than the intended. So, we immediately dismantled it and rectified it. The issue was solved.”

The video which was taken down from the Katsho Gewog Administration Facebook page was actually recorded during the site visit as evidence for reference, and was mistakenly posted by the Gewog Administration Officer while posting pictures of the maintenance of the road.

The officer in question posted an apology on the Facebook page for his mistake and took down the video and uploaded the pictures of the progress of the road maintenance.

Talking to the Gup of Katsho Gewog, he shared that work is not completed at the moment, and is still going on. “The allegation of corruption is not true, the work is still not done, as only 70 percent of the work has been done. We are still inspecting the work and handing-taking is not even done, as the works are going on.”

The contractor was employed through the tender system, and the issue pointed out by the engineer was solved and rectified.

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