Six arrested for stealing bitumen barrels from DoR

Haa police apprehended six men for stealing 20 barrels of Bitumen from a Department of Road (DoR) site at Langchu and selling it to a private construction company. Police arrested four suspects on 20 March at around 2 am, while the other two was arrested on 21st March.

Before the incident on 20 March, an official from DoR has reported to police on missing bitumen barrel several times from the site in the past. An official from the DoR claimed that most of the bitumen barrels went missing during heavy snowfall. The area was under surveillance and on 20 March they got to know of tipper truck and a bolero whih were seen loading a bitumen barrel from the site at around 12 AM and leaving towards Janakha.

When they got hold of the tipper truck and bolero from two different locations, they already had unloaded 20 barrels of bitumen in a private construction site in Haa. Police then apprehended two suspects from Bolero and two suspects from the truck.

During interrogation, they confessed to the crime and they also confessed to having stolen bitumen barrels from the DoR site in the past.

The four suspects have also confessed about the the involvement of their owner (private constriction company) in committing the crime and accordingly, the owner along with one employee was arrested on 21 March.

All the six suspects, aged 21, 22, 24, 28, 32 and 45 are under police custody for further investigation.

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