Six Takin calves born at the Takin Preserve

Courtesy - ICS, MoAFHalf a dozen new Takins born within a month at the Takin Preserve in Motithang, Thimphu, has increased the population of the National animal at the Preserve to 22.

All healthy calves were born in the month of February and the first calf was born on 3 February. Another calf was born on 5 February. The preserve Manager Kunzang Gyeltshen shared that the birthing of new Takins in the Preserve continued and yet another calf was born on 20 and 21 February.

He shared that it was really exciting to see two more calves born in the Preserve on 22 February and this he said is the highest number of Takins ever born in the Preserve.

He said that all are born healthy and are likely to survive. “They are feeding well with their mother’s milk.”  He added that the little Takins are slowly adapting to the type of food they are provided in the preserve and some are gradually trying to feed on the fodder the elder Takins are provided.

However the sex of only two females were confirmed till now as the mother of the new calves are aggressive at this stage and never allows anyone to come near the calves.

“Except for the two we are yet to confirm the sex of the other four,” said Kunzang Gyeltshen. He said that any attempts to test the sex of the calves are risky as the mother Takins can gore them.

The Preserve Manager also carries out night patrolling to ensure that the new born calves are sleeping in proper places and also checks their health. The mother Takin that gave birth included both the resident and those moved to the preserve from Jigme Dorji National Park (JDNP) in Gasa as a restocking initiative to improve breed.

The Takins usually mate in the month of June and July and give birth in February and March.

Few years ago, the Department of Forests and Park Services (DoFPS) relocated few wild Takins from the park due to inbreeding as the resident Takins were suspected to be degenerating genetically, becoming susceptible to diseases and other risks.

The relocation included a healthy male Takin named Samdup who fathered all six calves born last month.

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