Six Tsirang-candidates for NC mainly pledge to advance the agricultural sector

During the Tsirang NC Public Debate, 39-year-old Ragu Nath Nepal pledged to make public services simple and timely. He promises to highlight the laws that promote economic development and bring amendments to the laws that will govern a better society.

Additionally, he pledged to formulate laws that minimize corruption-related practices and serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum with the utmost humility and dignity, and ensure transparency.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce.

53-year-old Yangkhu Tshering Sherpa wants to strengthen the region’s agricultural infrastructure.

Yangkhu Tshering Sherpa also wants to emphasize on humanities and arts courses in colleges and high schools, in addition to reforming the educational system, and he has also pledged to analyze the rules and regulations of the country.

Narapati Nepal, a 55-year-old contesting for the first time in an NC election, pledges to uphold the constitutional values at all times and review and initiate changes for the people’s benefit.

He emphasized enhancing service delivery and pledges to create a safe environment for Bhutanese citizens, with a special focus on the elderly and people with special needs.

Narapati Nepal also pledges to advocate the importance of professionalism in line with His Majesty’s transformation initiatives. He is also going to support the government on pertinent issues of wider interest on the economic front, including agricultural productivity, marketing, storage, and export.

He promises to act as a bridge between the people and the government, bringing challenges faced by the people forward.

42-year-old Nima Wangdi pledged to assess the constitutionally mandated national policies and endeavor to increase citizens’ access to high-quality healthcare and education.

Nima also pledges to study, improve, and reinforce the current agricultural and farming policies.

Additionally, he intends to create and amend laws that assist women and the elderly.

Sarvajit Rai, 43, has a Bachelor’s degree in engineering and a Master’s in business administration. He has pledged to create conducive and inclusive social welfare and review, amend, and update laws, policies, and guidelines to overcome challenges.

He is also going to ensure transparency and accountability by facilitating access to services and assistance.

56- year- old Gopal Thapa pledged to actively participate in evaluating laws and policies that are beneficial to farmers.

He aims to solve issues with agriculture marketing, poor pay, service delivery, and conflicts between people and wildlife throughout the district and the nation.

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