SMU students left-out from RCSC exams and NGOP

When 2623 graduates sits for Preliminary Examination (PE) this year for the civil service examinations, some students of Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) will have to wait another year to do it.

Students said losing one whole year after studying for three years and to wait for another year to attend Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) exams and the National Graduates Orientation Program (NGOP) is a huge loss for the students in terms of precious time.

“Every year or month is precious given the shrinking job market and the increased level of competency,” said Tshering Peldon an SMU final year student.

“RCSC have not bothered about us and our academic schedules” said another SMU student.

Last year exams for the final year were conducted on 31 July which ended by first week of August whereas this year it was conducted only on 5 August which would end only by 13 August.

An SMU student Representative of SMU in Darjeeling Rinzin Norbu said he and his colleagues requested the Bhutan Government regarding the issue but could not get proper network for a more elaborate discussion.  Later they requested their board who directed them to request Bhutan government.

“If the Bhutan government doesn’t care, why you would expect from us,” he quoted what his proprietor said.

Palden Phuntsho, a final year student of SMU, studying in IT & Management College with major in Bachelors of Computer Application (BCA) is still writing his board examinations which is likely to end in a couple of days.

“It has been unfair to hold the PE this early. It is not fair for us students here,” he said.

Unlike SMU students in Darjeeling, students under the same board such as in Kalimpong and Siliguri were lucky enough to make it for the PE and NGOP after the requisition made to the SMU board.

It was said SMU students do their exams online which is why their requisition were accepted by the University whereas Darjeeling students have to do it in the usual form due to untimely power failure.

Rinzin Norbu said “this is a message to the juniors and their parents not to join or let their children join such university which is problematic and forces one to lose a precious year’s time”.

The Director of RCSC Dorji Tshering said we have looked into the schedules of the in-country colleges as well as Indian colleges and for most colleges, students graduated in the month of June or July.

He said schedules were prepared since March and announcements were made well in advance so that students will know about the requirements from the online registration till result declaration and its appointment.

“We have also put it on our website and that’s how we schedule our whole exam not only PE,” he added.

The RCSC Director said “It will be difficult for RCSC to cater to the needs of every college outside Bhutan”.

He said based on request of one college we cannot postpone RCSC exams since Bhutanese students are spread all over India, Thailand, Australia, America and Europe.

“RCSC cannot accommodate the academic schedules of all those colleges,” he said.

Learning that around 30 SMU students were left out “we have captured majority since the number of students registered for PE is around 2623,” he said.

The labor ministry has recorded 3075 graduates who registered online for NGOP.

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  1. i don’t know if our Government recognizes this University. Becoz even a primary graduate gets admission there for degree courses.

    • Tashi Phuntsho

      drakba, it is such a shameful of you to comment this way. For me this shows lack of education in you. By the way don’t mistake me for a student studying in SMU – I am graduate of Sherubtse College and purusing my further studiees in Europe. 

  2. It is not only the student graduated from MSU n it is not the first time. Same thing happening to many other college graduates..only the thing is what is the use of raising voice, afterall RCSC is conducting only once in a useless

  3. Another funny thing about this University is that the question papers are all objective where a student has to choose the correct answer among fours options.Sometimes the  questions are already gets leaked before the exam.
    Even a cook or carpenter can pass this SMU exams doing objective type exam.Just see their marks, a student who has 30s line marks in class 12 gets above 90s in degree.But sad in Bhutan and RCSC what they see is the marks and not the content of the student,their ability or talent.Marks counts before everything.

    • black dragon...

      Not university, nor marks matters….wat matters is the the content you bring back ….home. Graduates should be confident to use their knoladge practically when they r asked to …..that matters and this is what gives a nation its power….not big universities certificates and marks….””now is the time to talk about quality of graduates.”…not debating on quantity.. 

      • That’s exactly what I am trying to say above if you read it once more.But tell me one thing,is there any organization in Bhutan,private,corps,govt.that looks for talent and ability of students?I a BIG NO.What matters is your marks to be shortlisted FIRST OF ALL and equally important is your relations.Your talent,ability, quality is insignificant here my dear.
        So given the choice,which one do you prefer-high marks or quality which will not even help you to get shortlisted.
        Think baby think.Gud Luck.Just you and me can shout about it but we cannot change the system of RCSC and the Govt or selection procedures in Bhutan.

    • Tashi Phuntsho

      While I agree with you that marks in exam may not be everything but it so unwise and uncalled to comment at the University this way. Instead of talking to bring about change of system or whatever jazz, just try to bring change in yourself and cultivate habit of not disprecting. 

  4. i don’t think it is good to blame about mcq questions, u are letting rcsc committe to make question harder. i think mcq is the most dificult question in the world. do u know in the mbbs course, mcq matters. there is negative marks for it too.

    actually it is sad that smu stds are left out. but i think it won’t matter. think about mbbs std they ve to do 6 yrs course and wait 1 full yr for rcsc. 
    i fully agree with black dragon.

  5. constructionist

    The title very much suggests that SMU students are left out, wile in this case it may be in terms of year but even if they attend RCSC exams most of them will not pass preliminary. So no use of doing RCSC.

  6. Quote”The RCSC Director said “It will be difficult for RCSC to cater to the needs of every college outside Bhutan”.”

    It is the responsibility of the RCSC and even if it was difficulty, RCSC should have checked the SMU and other universities” written confirmation on their exam schedules before finalizing the dates for the RCSC exams. RCSC already has the list of colleges and universities where the Bhutanese students are studying outside Bhutan. Did they care to check that basic requirement in the first place because it was not a difficult task? Today depriving
    30 SMU students on this cheap ground was not a right decision from the RCSC.This “I do not care attitude of the RCSC” is sending wrong signal in an era when RCSC has been bestowed with full independent powers by the civil service act. Even if it was about one student, RCSC should have looked into the matter.The Bhutanese public will lose their trust in the civil service system if more of these cheap shots are repeated. The corner stone of the civil service act rests on fairness and when that has been trampled intentionally or unintentionally, then, there is nothing left for the people to hope for. I am seriously worried and confused as a citizen hearing about such heart breaking stories from the students. This matter should not have made the headline news if the RCSC had worked little harder and set their examination dates in close consultation with all the outside universities’ exam schedules.

  7. If somebody did a real study of the so-called list of graduates, 2000 strong this year, I’m sure a lot of question marks will be raised over the types of courses taken, the types of colleges attended, and the standards of the programs. I heard that in some colleges in Pune students from the arts streams came back with commerce or science degrees. I hear many didn’t even have to attend college but still got 90% scores.

    Education has become pure business for many colleges and their shareholders and owners don’t really care about not achieving any educational goals beyond their financial goals.

    It is the responsibility of the RCSC to separate the good universities from the crap before students join them. otherwise we are bringing crap into our own system.

  8. if we talk abt the education in general ,it fully depends upon the individual interest and abilities to perform. if one person  is clever this year who wil knw  wat will happen to his or her cleverness in the future.the author might ve onli heard abt the colleges of india but not seen in person.i strongly oppose dat it does not happen like wat the author mentioned in the above.many students frm bhutan are being  taken by the consultancy agent of bhutan  onli ,n dey wil not tak in de crap universities .the marks they get is of hard work,it is not bought by the money.

  9. Dear Tashi Phuntsho, i am talking of the facts, and if u want some prove i wouldn’t mind to provide one to you. why should i be shame of sharing the reality. Ur altitude shows ur part of the University.

  10. Hey guys!its not only smu students being leftout. All medical student like nursing,pharmacist have to wait one year to attainp p.e despite of 4yrs of studies. And its not at all right to say that students in india or outside bht pay for there results as because of one or two rotten potatoes u cant throw the whole sack of potatoes. There are students who attain classes regularly,struggle and do sleepless studies to get 80-90%.!

  11. It would be better if the list of recognize universities by Bhutan government are given in websites…  i am pursuing  my graduation from PTU and worried weather i can sit for RCSC of not…..

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