“Social Media”-ignorance is not bliss

A three-day workshop on “Social Media” concluded on July 31 at the Ministry of Information and Communication (MOIC) in the capital.

A trainer at the workshop, Keith Nakamura said the objective was to help local organizations and ministries to better understand the use of social media with regards to its use in the business and corporate context, and in understanding, crafting and implementation of social media guidelines and policy.

“Technology has democratized the power to create and will accelerate the rate of content of creation and technology will also shape the kind of content you can create in the next five years. There will be a lot of changes coming, in terms of the way we create, consume content and using it to engage each other in the next few years,” Nakamura added.

He said social media are powerful if it has connected platforms, mobile component, targeted and measurable.

Nakamura talked on the platforms and tools like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Wikipedia, Flicker, Reddit, My Space, Wikileaks, Linkedin, Tumblr, Foursquare, WordPress, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and Instagram among others.

He gave insights on self-promotion using content, learning how to create content that resonates with the new connected generation and how brands, organizations, and businesses can use it to promote their products and services.

A good content, he said is one that is relevant, helpful and add dimension to the brand congruent with current talking points, shocking, funny and compels sharing. “The four pillars of content marketing are large image, creation, conversion and syndication,” said Nakamura.

He also addressed on the 6Cs of social media which can be used in an effective and systematic way. It includes context-get insights through landscape analysis, content-emotionally, communication-interaction with audience, connection-humanize and foster many to many relationships-ensure engagement of audience at touch points-at each touch point, convergence- align the messaging and engage with netizens and conversion-which counts and justifies social media campaigns. He talked on crisis management and building an influential community through the use of social media.

Keith Nakamura had worked at IDG (Computer World), Nokia (Digital Marketing) and Microsoft APAC (Digital marketing and Windows Live). He is currently working at Children’s Book and Zero Dollar Marketing.

The workshop was attended by the information and media officers from various government departments and local reporters.

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