Some basic philosophies that should guide our way of life

Pursuing happiness in the materialistic world is like chasing our own shadow. The more we move forward, the further it goes. No matter how much wealth we accumulate at the end of the day, we will never be able to attain the level of happiness we desire. It will be an endless race.

The real happiness actually comes from within, not from outside. If we learn how to be content with what we have, we will never have to look for happiness anywhere else. The world we live in can be defined by how we perceive it. If we look at it positively, we can see the real beauty of life around us. But if we view it negatively, that will shut all the doors to happiness.

Happiness is one magical thing that continues to gain value every time we share it with others. It should not end with us. When we are happy, we should also try to make other people around us happy.

Life is too precious to be wasted arguing with people we hate. It is important to live in harmony with everybody in the society, laughing and smiling together as a family. Even if we can’t be good to others, at least we should not harm them. Everybody has the right to be happy like any one of us.

When we hate people around us, our mind will be loaded with all sorts of negative energy like anger and jealousy, and the longer we carry them with us, the more damage they cause to our otherwise beautiful life. We will be bogged down with unnecessary tensions and we can never be happy.

Let us just look at ourselves while buying vegetables in the market. We will always discard the damaged or rotten vegetables and select only the good ones because we know well that the damaged vegetables will not only be a burden for us to carry but they would also spoil the good ones when we keep them together in the store. Just as we don’t want to carry rotten vegetables in our basket, we should never be carrying any of the negative emotions in our heart because that will not only snatch away our inner happiness, but it would also completely ruin our life.

We will never grow taller by beheading somebody else. We will never become poorer by sharing what little we have with the poor. Life is too short to bother what other people think about us. The smile we put on others’ faces every day should be enough to define our happiness. Nothing in this world is permanent and so is our life.

If we have the heart to love everybody around us and be good to them, we will have the most satisfying and meaningful life. The world shall continue to remember us even after we are gone. So let us all try to be a good human being and treat everybody around us with love and respect. After all, we don’t gain anything positive by hurting others. So let us all look deep into ourselves, recognize the inner happiness and use it to create a world which is more peaceful and happy for everybody around us to live in.

By Amrith Bdr Subba

The writer is a visually challenged counselor at the Youth Center Division, Department of Youth and Sports under the Ministry of Education.

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