Son in Police custody after shooting father

The 15-year old, who shot his 36 year old father to death on the morning of 28 October, is detained by the Thimphu police.

Police officials refused to comment on the incident stating the case is still under investigation.

The Bhutanese learnt that the deceased and the mother were fighting and the son intervened. In the course of interference, the son was also beaten. He was taken inside the bathroom and battered.

The Son then brought a revolver pistol and shot the victim (father), first on the neck and then on the head. The 36 year old victim was killed on the spot.

The incident occurred at the family residence in Lungtenphu in Thimphu.

There were three guns in the house, which were all loaded. One of the guns was found inside the bedroom while the other two were found near the victim’s body.

Whether the revolver went off accidentally, out of frustration or was fired in self-defense is not known but it is said that two shots of bullets were fired on the deceased and bullet shells were recovered from the scene.

The victim was found lying in a pool of blood with a revolver and a shot gun.

Both the guns were loaded.

The 15 year old son is a class eight student in one of the schools in the capital.

Police were informed by one of the family members.


Chencho Dema / Thimphu

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    Can we pls know the name, why anonymity?

  2. This incident is in fact  eye opener for larger issue of gun control…i heard there are thousands of guns and other assault weapons in our homes which were mostly issues in 90s….Probably, we will have to revisit on our gun policy-by the way is there one? As of today, i really don’t find it is necessary to carry guns in our homes and cities…We are fairly safe and just need to be cautious but not unnecessary for guns to protect us. Before, we come across more of this kind of tragic incidents, probably, we need to control guns. Should be given to those people really have imminent threat.

  3. It is time to do a background check on all the people who have guns, we certainly can’t afford to have another tragedy like this one repeating itself. People who are known alcoholics or drug abusers must be relieved of their guns asap, they are the ones that can’t be trusted with loaded firearms. Can you imagine, this family had 3 loaded guns in their house, all loaded and unsecured, a sure recipe for disaster, 

  4. Again a case of consoling ourselves too prematurely having ‘found’ the wrong cause, if you read laydgh’s post. The cause is not weapons, the cause is a disintegrating society. Whatever the weapon, you have to explain the willingness of a son to kill his own father. That reflects our society and the direction we seem to be taking.

    Next thing you will be recommending is banning knives and sticks and cricket bats. Broken families will remain broken, murderous sons will remain murderous. And our ‘experts’ will have a satisfied look on their faces. Their job’s been done!

  5. oh yes, I forgot to add that we are suffering from 2 dozen stabbing cases a year now, all perpetrated by our youth. What’s the solution to that laydgh?

  6. Definitely issues of holding arms need to be revisited.

  7. Goodwill Embassador

    Some fathers really deserve bullets in the head. They don’t know how to deal with their family. This should be a big lesson for those arrogant fathers. On the other, yes, our arms policies must b revisited. Being an army officer doesn’t mean that he can have three guns in his house. It’s really dangerous…

  8. Are we allowed to possess guns in this so called GNH Society? If so I also wud like to own one. Have gun and guts than no guns and be a victim… Gun policy must be there…guns must be OUT at any cost..we dont want guns and goons..NO!


    As per law, Bhutanese civilians are allowed to own only semi-automatic weapon but if one  check the www of rbp we will see some people have more than 3,4,5 etc firearms and some have fully automatic weapons like AK47. I don’t know how they get it unless they are gifted by the royal families or smuggled into the country. But law is law everybody should be equal. Rbp should check and act on it. 

    • If both the father and son are drug addict then what more could we expect out of their Brawl but such a fate. This is bound to happen when the parents try to be too strict with their siblings without inculcating in them the most needed family values. In a way, I also blame the authorities who have the system of gifting or allowing civilians to possess fire arms for no genuine reason of their necessity.

  10. prime minister

    hey to all
    i heard dat victim was not army officer nor police officer but belongs to high profile, and he got bullet on head may be he deserves dat coz may be with this uploaded gun he must be fearing wife and son most of the time. and frustreated son gave on his head. other wise how son can give bullet on fathers head. and more over son and wife does no other option and indeed they are intelligent and they thought one day they will get the bullet if not on fathers head.

  11. RBP have done well with gun control in Bhutan…..incidents and fatalities are very low compared to other countries….

  12. hey,

    grt job done by the son…. kil all the perpetrators or physical abusers… let bhutan remain in peace free of evils…

  13. its horrible..cant imagine how son killed his day this creature will kill his mum too..

    • you do not know his story and you have no right to judge him. people like you are the end of humanity you cant even think to save your lives.

  14. I knew the man since ever. he was kind of an idiot and use to harrass his neighbours and his wife.
    Getting drunk and creating a scene was everyday thing in our bulding, though his son was not that well behaved, but he got what he sowed.

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