Sonam Pelzom beats 12 men in Mongar

Sonam Pelzom, 32, from Tsamang, the only woman candidate from Mongar won against 12 male candidates including an incumbent and a former NC member.

Sonam Pelzom secured a total of 2406 votes, 1394 votes by Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) and 1012 by postal ballot.

Sonam Wangchuk, an incumbent got 2129 votes and Naichu, a former Member of Parliament (MP) in the National Council secured 2097 votes.

She said, “Mongar is the dzongkhag with highest number of candidates. While we are offering a choice to the people to choose their candidate, standing against 12 capable candidates including an incumbent and a former member was a real challenge. But I was determined that I will win the election to serve the people and nation. Over this election period, people who have known how determined and committed I am in serving the people and the nation, and so people have voted for me. Women are unstoppable when we set our mind to accomplishing a goal”.

She also said, “Off course, I am happy not because I won against 12 men but because i got an opportunity to serve the people who voted for me.”

“I come from a humble background and I share lots of common things with the people at the grass root. So I can understand the issues related to the commoners. Being a woman, I would also like to promote woman’s participation”, she added.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Dzongkha and Geography. She has a 5 years experience in teaching and has also worked as English teacher in Thailand.

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