Sonam’s condition not improving and instead Dhan Maya is now in need of major medical assistance

Dhan Maya and Pasang Tamang have been by the side of Sonam Tamang in Japan for a month now. They are hopeful that Sonam will wake up from the coma, but as of now, the health condition is the same with Sonam.

In a recent development, Dhan Maya, who suffers from pain in her knees, was taken by Bhutanese and Japanese well wishers, for a checkup with an orthopedic doctor on Tuesday. The doctor said she requires an operation of her knee joint.

The doctor also said the lump on her neck is more serious than the problem with her knees and so Dhan Maya was recommended to visit a bigger hospital for check up.

Dhan Maya who already suffered from such health problems had still insisted on going to Japan to see her daughter.

Pasang Tamang said his mother be hospitalized for six months if she goes ahead with the knee operation. “However, my mother will do the necessary treatment later when she returns back to Bhutan,” Pasang said over a telephone interview. He further said his mother did not experience any serious problems except for minor pain in her knees while walking. He said the doctor informed them that the knee joints are almost touching as Dhan Maya is overweight.

“For the lump in her neck, the doctor has recommended to get the checkup in the hospital where Sonam has been admitted,” Pasang said.

As for the visa extension, Pasang said it is no use for him to stay in Japan as his mother will be escorted to the hospital by Sonam’s roommate and her friends. So he has decided to return to Bhutan.

“Sonam’s health has been the same as she was before,” he said.

Dhan Maya said, over a phone call, that she is very happy that her visa has been extended till November this year. She said the official from the immigration department in Japan said it would have been possible to extend her visa for more than three months if only the government had given her more than a month’s duration in the original visa.

The immigration official has also asked Dhan Maya to get the help from the Bhutanese government if she wants to extend her visa after three months.

Dhan Maya said Pasang is returning back to Bhutan as he has his own family to look after. “Another reason is that the expenditure in Japan is very high and two of us staying here will be difficult.”

She said Sonam’s friends have agreed to escort her to the hospital, four times in a week, after Pasang leaves. “Otherwise, it will be difficult for me to visit Sonam on my own,” she added.

Dhan Maya said she has nothing much to do in the hospital other than to sit by her daughter’s side. “I wish she could talk. When I see her face, it looks like she is just having a sound sleep and that she would wake up from her sleep. Her body has shrunken,” said Dhan Maya.

She said she prays for good news every time Sonam’s doctor calls her to discuss about her medical report. “Yesterday, I met with Sonam’s doctor and he said they cannot say anything on her health condition and he said she is as same as before,” she added.

Dhan Maya said she will not be able to fix her knee as her visa is just for three months and she will need at least six months for the entire treatment. She said she will consider the medical treatment if she gets a visa extension.

“I am hoping that the government will help me this time too, for extending the visa after three months. I will be heartbroken if the government does not help me with the visa extension as Sonam is my only daughter and she is in a serious condition,” said Dhan Maya.

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