South Thimphu Police Station reports cybercrime cases

The South Thimphu Police Station last week recorded 2 cases related to cybercrime.

The two victims, who are middle-aged women, were targeted by individuals from foreign countries who engaged them in online conversations, even going as far as adopting them as brothers.

The scammers convinced the victims that they would receive the latest versions of iPhones, only requiring them to pay the associated taxes. Trusting the scammers, the two women transferred substantial sums of money, amounting to Nu 70,000 and Nu 39,000 respectively, to a Bhutanese account provided by the fraudsters.

Upon investigation, the Bhutanese account holders were identified as unemployed individuals who acted as middlemen upon receiving a request from the scammers.

Fortunately, the account holders did not transfer the funds to the scammers, and with the assistance of the bank, they were successfully contacted. As a result, the victims’ money was recovered.

The digital age has also witnessed a rise in scams targeting youth involved in PUBG where individuals purchasing in-game items, such as UC, have fallen victim to scams.

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