South Thimphu residents without running water in taps for days

Residents in South Thimphu have been experiencing severe water shortages since five days. According to the announcement made on Thimphu Thromde’s Facebook page, the water supply to Olakha, Changbandu, and parts of Babesa are disrupted because of damage to the main water line in Semtokha,

Some of the affected are managing to get water from the Thimphu Thromde’s water tankers, and some of them are purchasing mineral water for drinking. Others complain they cannot see the tankers.

Sonam 30, residing in Changbangdu said, “I was unable to go to work, and household work suffered significantly across all households in the area. Everyone’s tanks are completely empty. The reserve water tanks are also finished. Thimphu Thromde should fix the problem as soon as possible.”

She added that the water supplied through the Thimphu Thromde water tankers is insufficient to meet the demand.

“What are we supposed to do with the dishes, and the bathroom? We cannot maintain hygiene without water,” she added.

Another resident in Babesa, Penjor, 28, lamented that while the authority is quick to charge the water bills, it is not proactive in providing water services to the residents.

“It’s been five days and thromde hasn’t finished restoring the water supply. This is a major concern, particularly in the capital,” he said.

Tenzin Lham living in Olakha said that Thimphu Thromde should ensure that there are adequate water tankers to deliver the water because the water tankers do not return to offer water to those who did not receive it yesterday.

“We waited, but it did not show up. If such services are to be provided, thromde should not collect water bills, and instead supply free water to residents,” she said.

Khandu, 59, said, “I live on the sixth floor, and transporting water up there is challenging. Despite the fact that water tankers provide the water, we are unable to transport it in a large bucket since we must ascend the stair, which is impossible. We must bring little jars that are just adequate for cooking and not for dishwashing. Thromde should have reserves by now, so that if such damage occurs, they can deliver water from the reserves. These factors must be considered.”

 Meanwhile, Thimphu Thromde notified the public that although the restoration work in the south completed on Thursday night, during testing, the pipes burst again. The pipe burst is at a critical location and restoration works are already underway.

“We understand how impressive water is to our daily lives, and we are working day and night to ensure this situation gets resolved as soon as possible. In the meantime, 7 water tankers have been deployed to all the affected areas,” the notification stated.

One question people are asking is how is a relatively new pipeline or project bursting so easily.

Even the JDWNRH has been hit badly this time due to water supply issues from the Dodena pipeline of Thimphu Thromde.

On Sunday evening that is 7 days later the Thromde said they have released water from Chamgang to the Olakha tank so residents in Olakha can expect water later at night. For Changbangdu and parts of Babesa and Changzamtog, they  will release the water by Monday.

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