Sports allowed but try not to use the word ‘tournament’ or involve spectators: PM

The Prime Minister clarified as to what extent sporting activities can be held without violating the relaxation measures. He said that although sports can be played with the complete set of teams, spectators and tournament-like announcements would have be avoided as much as possible.

“We want people to come out and play but we do not want crowding,” the PM said, further adding, “For instance, in a volleyball match, a set of 6 players each with the with a referee is considered acceptable, however, there should not be the presence of spectators, cheerleaders or supporters.”

PM said that in these matters people have to use their Intelligence Quotient (IQs) and their wisdom to play while following the guidelines. He said that people can still have tournaments but should play in a careful manner and without too much promotion, announcements and crowding.

“Then again if there is a veteran’s football match with 11 players on each side playing for 90 minutes, or perhaps someone’s kid is playing and the family or a few people want to spectate it- they can,” Lyonchhoen added.

He concluded by saying that the Bhutan Olympic Committee and other information sports are allowed but unnecessary gathering is not allowed.

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