Stats makes stabbing ‘trendy’

Given the frequent cases of stabbing that makes it into the news and police files, it seems like the crime has been given an ‘in vogue’ status. But on a note of concern, which it realistically is, it does raise a lot of questions.

For one, is it because they have no fear of law?

Recently a 28-year-old businessman was stabbed on his hand by an unknown suspect on the morning of 6 January near the Zimdra workshop below Babesa zero point. He is presently recovering in the Thimphu national referral hospital (JDWNRH).

The victim along with one of his friends was on his way to reach some of his friends, home.

Below the Lungtenzampa Bridge, a bike driving recklessly was not giving the right of way despite making several honks, So, the victim overtook his car

As they stopped near the Zimdra showroom below Babesa Bridge, the victim saw a Santro car approaching. Thinking it might be friends, the victim waved but only to find out that they were strangers.

“Suddenly few guys came out of the car and one guy came forward, shouting and abusing me. That my car banged his bike. Then I quickly went to check my car and found a partial scratch on the body of the car. Then I also shouted to him and argument started between us,” the 28-year-old victim said.

“After a while I realized it was of no use picking up an argument, as it was already getting late. I told him that I will repair his bike as the damage was minimal. In fact, I gave my number and also asked him to note down my car number for assurance.”

However the arguments still continued between them.

When the victim tried to move his car away, he suddenly noticed an object nearing his face. Instantly, he grabbed it with his right hand only to find out it was a knife.

The victim with bleeding hands got out of his car. The suspect tried to stab him again but fortunately, one of the victim’s friends intervened to stop him. The suspect then tried to stab the friend.

They left the scene almost after half an hour trying to convince the suspect. The victim immediately called up the police (several times), but no one turned up.

The victim and his friend then went to the hospital (emergency ward) for treatment.

It was there that the police showed up and asked the victim to come to Changjiji Outpost to give his statement, which the victim did only after two to three hours.

Then he had gone home.

The same day, the Santro car along with the three suspects were caught by the police and the bike was seized in the afternoon.

The main accused was still at large.

After some unknown people had posted the video of the suspect in one of the websites, few days later, the accused was surrendered to the police by his own parents. After seeing the video clip, the parents had brought-in the suspect.

According to sources when the suspect was brought to the police station, there were injury marks on some parts of his body. The victim had however managed to make a video from his phone, where it clearly showed that there was hardly any sort of injuries inflicted.

Meanwhile, the Additional Superintendent of police, Major Wangdi Tshering refused to comment on the case stating that disclosing information would mean hampering the investigation.

The suspect is currently in police custody. The suspect, an ex-monk is a repeat offender and is alleged to be a member of one of the disbanded gangs.


Chencho Dema / Thimphu


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