Step father rapes daughter in South Thimphu

The RBP has filed a rape case against a step father for raping his 18-year-old step daughter.

The step daughter and her 36-year-old mother and brother were initially settled in Phuentsholing when the biological father was alive.

However, after his death the family moved to South Thimphu.

This is where the mother met a man and they started dating and then started living together.

According to the RBP report the step father started making sexual advances to the daughter and essentially raped her multiple times.

The daughter is in a traumatized state over the event and will require long term counselling.

The step father in his defense said the sex was consensual and he even bought her an iphone.

However, the girl has clearly said that the sex was not consensual.

What complicated matters was that the late biological father of the girl was a violent man and he used to beat his wife. This caused her trauma.

The step father after raping the daughter had threatened her that he would kill her mother if she shared this with anyone.

The mother on the other hand liked her new partner as he did not beat her up like her late husband.

When the mother did find out instead of supporting her daughter she in fact supported the step-father and blamed the girl.

The step father also linked the Facebook account of the girl to his phone and through that he tried to solicit the young friends of his step daughter.

In one case, he even offered money if his step daughter’s Facebook friend came on a ‘ride’ with him. The girls getting such messages complained to the school where it became an issue.

The case has been sent to the OAG for prosecution.

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