Stolen cow slaughtered and sold to meat vendor

Paro police have detained two men in connection with the theft of a cow, slaughtering it and selling it to a meat vendor in the capital on 9 October.

The two suspects were arrested the next day from the capital with the help of the photographs which was taken by a taxi driver, in whose taxi the two suspects had travelled to Thimphu to sell the meat.

From information shared to The Bhutanese, Paro police said “On 8 October, the two suspects had walked all the way till Dawakha and there they found a cow and an ox grazing below the road. With no body around in the vicinity, they had killed the cow.”

The duo then hired a taxi till Thimphu and sold the meat to one of the meat vendors for Nu 80 a kilogram, and collected Nu 6400 in total, out of which Nu 1500 was given to the taxi driver for his fare,” police said.

The police could not recover the money since they had exhausted the amount, but the ox was handed over to the owner.

The two suspects, both from Tsirang, one 24-year old, and the other 25 were both working as laborers in the capital.

The 25-year old is married with two children. In their report they had submitted they were having financial problems and faced a tough time to meet ends.

The case is still under investigation, police said.

Chencho Dema / Thimphu


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