Stolen SIM card used to vote for dance show, suspects detained

The Thimphu Police has detained two suspects after a stolen SIM card was used excessively to vote for a reality-TV dance show called Dance Khoray Dance.

The female suspect was recently brought to Thimphu after they found out she was a friend of the man who voted from the stolen SIM card.

Earlier, in a phone interview the owner of the SIM said the man had used the SIM card to vote for contestant number 42 of the dance show. The female suspect turned out to be contestant number 42.

The details from the bill of the postpaid SIM card with the police shows the man had voted 313 times with each vote amounting to Nu 500 and made calls worth Nu 2,597. The total amount stands at Nu 156,555. The votes were made mostly in the evening.

The offence recorded with the Police is larceny of property and mislead or delivered by mistake (with no reasonable course of action to return it back). The case is under investigation as there is a disagreement between the two suspects and it would be soon charge sheeted to the court.

A business woman had left her SIM card with one of her staff who lent it to one of his friends. The friend had misplaced the SIM card. Everything was normal till the time they received the bills last month when they realized it had been solen and misused. The owner traced the person through calls made from the SIM card.

The owner had asked the suspect to pay the amount but he failed to do so. Therefore The suspect was detained.

The male suspect is a Vocational Training Institute Graduate.

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