Storm warning for north and west Bhutan

A weather forecast from the Department of Hydromet Services has predicted severe weather of strong, gusty winds of more than 30 metres per second, over the northern and some northwestern parts of Bhutan from Saturday night to Sunday morning with the possibility of light rainfall or snow over western, central and eastern Bhutan during the 48 hours (Friday and Saturday). It has stirred concerns and panic among the general public although some are excited about the possibility of snowfall.

The updated forecast as of last night has shown a slight change in the prediction. The storm and gusty winds are more likely to occur in the Northernmost parts of the country, in places like northern parts of Haa, Paro, Thimphu and Lunana and storms of lesser magnitude in some isolated parts of Trashigang and Lhuntse. “It is difficult to predict wind in a mountainous country like Bhutan,” said Tayba Buddha Tamang of the Weather Forecasting Unit of the Metrology Division.

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