Street Vendors will not be permitted: RBP

Clubs and Drayangs to remain closed during celebrations for security reasons

There are 43 people who make a living through street vending and hawking also called as the mobile business. However, given the issues raised around such businesses from legality to hygiene they will no longer be allowed to continue. This was announced to them in a special meeting held in the RBP headquarters.

The Chief of Police, Brigadier Kipchu Namgyel, said that it is sad to know that the people are doing such business for family income, but he emphasized on issues related to the mobile business such as its legality, hygiene issues, littering and crime. He said there are more chances of more criminal offences when people tend to stay late, loitering around.

“After discussing with all the related agencies on whether to allow the mobile business or not, we concluded based on inconvenience and concerns”, Brigadier added.

Talking about the problems of allowing mobile businesses, the Brigadier talked about four different issues. Firstly his concern was on the legality of mobile business, since as per the Regional Trade and Industry office, mobile businesses are illegal since they do not have a business license.

“It is must to produce a business license if they want to do any kind of business and they need to have a proper set-up like restaurants or hotels, and so mobile businesses are illegal”, the Brigadier said.

The second concern was raised on hygiene and according to BAFRA, it is not known if such food is hygienic or unhygienic, and so they finalized to not allow this kind of business.

The third concern was raised from Thromde saying that such businesses are harmful for the environment were all the cups and plates are littered around the town causing environmental pollution and so they too are not for such businesses.

The fourth and final concern was raised from Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) saying that such businesses cause a lot of inconvenience in terms of crime. Emphasizing on the night crime rate, RBP has received 54 cases in 2014 and in 2015 as of now, they have received 50 cases that include malicious mischief, display of weapons, public intoxication, battery, larceny and possession of controlled substances.

With many concerns and issues, it was finalized by all the relevant agencies that no mobile business is permissible.

The vendors said that they are not happy with the decision because this is only the income they had and also it is not easy to start up a business due to budget constraints.

In addition, Brigadier said that all clubs (discotheque) would be closed on 6, 7 and 11 November whereas all the drayangs and karaoke will be close on 9, 10 and 11 November for a security reasons.

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