Strict Dzongkha teacher terrorized by gang with ‘bombs’ and pamphlets


Dzongkha lopen targeted with two bombs and warning pamphlets from gang members

Around 11 teachers of Bajo Higher Secondary school were rudely woken up by two loud blasts on the night of March 1.

In the morning teachers and staff found that two ‘bombs’  exploded outside Dzongkha teacher Lopen Phurba’s room. The teacher had also been locked inside his room from outside.

The bomb was a safety cordex fuse used in road construction, not strong enough to any serious damage but with enough power go off with a loud bang. Remnants of the fuse were scattered outside the lopen’s room.

A source on condition of anonymity said, “After the first explosion I thought a car tyre had exploded but the second one was even louder.”

What also shocked teachers and students alike were around four notices stuck around the school campus warning the Dzongkha teacher. The note was signed by the ‘Boss of F4D’ a Thimphu based gang ‘Fight 4 Defense’.  Police are however yet to ascertain whether the gang was actually involved.

The notice which were stuck on the Dzongkha lopen’s door and the school notice board with thumb pins said, “Nado Gasep (Lopen Phurba’s nickname), don’t bully the students of Bajo Family, This is just the start what will be your future,” and signed by ‘Boss of F4D’ .

The police were informed of incident after which both the local OC and the SP arrived at the spot. The police then called army explosive experts to examine the remains. It was confirmed that the bomb was used mainly in road construction along with gelatin sticks to blast rocks.

Lopen Phurba was also the former warden was known to be a strict disciplinarian. He said, “I was in a deep sleep when I was woken up with a loud bang. I tried to open the door but it was locked from outside.”

He also said, “I am strict only as per the school rules, but I do it with a positive intent for the students. It is discouraging that some of them have taken it negatively.”

The police meanwhile are still investigating the case saying that they will be questioning known members of the F4D gang in Thimphu. School sources say that at the very night of the incident the police did not respond though calls were made to them. The police also instructed the school authorities and its 702 students to not talk to the media about the incident.

The incident has now raised the issue of safety of teachers in their own schools. Sources say that one of the possible reasons for the miscreants getting into the day school was that a section of the school re-fencing was left incomplete.

Meanwhile the school is also carrying out its own investigation. Principal Shankar Lal said, “We are comparing the handwritings of students to see who the culprit could be.”

However, he said that it was also possible that the work was from outside by ex-students who are jobless.

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