Students in India worry about 15th August Preliminary Examination date for BCSE

The Preliminary Examination (PE) for Bhutan Civil Service Examination (BCSE) is scheduled to start on 15 August.

Many final year college students studying in India are worried that they might not be able to sit for PE, as it is unlikely for them to make it on time for the dates due to the compulsory 21-day quarantine period.

Nima Gyeltshen, BE CTM, Acharya Institute of Technology in Bangalore said most colleges in Karnataka, India have the final semester till the end of July. The graduation ceremony is on halt mainly due to the second wave of COVID-19 that hit India recently.

He said there are a total of 15 graduates right now, and the figure may be more if they look into other states in India.

Nima has been preparing for PE since the last two months, and failing to write the exam this year will not only put an additional financial burden on his family, but also have a psychological impact on him.

 “We are not being late for writing PE by our own choice, but by the situation that has come up with the pandemic. Our figures may be too tiny in front of the large number of students in Bhutan, and it may seem unreasonably difficult to defer the conduct of PE, but it is our hope and wish to write the exam this year so that we don’t miss one year in the avenue of our career development,” said a statement shared by Nima and his friends in India.

Similarly, Srawan Rai, who studies in Bangalore University, said Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) could consider the ex-country students since most colleges are shut down and delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic. 

He said he will have to wait for another year to take the PE as he will miss the PE this year due to the 21 days of quarantine. Another year means additional expenditure for him.

“I cannot depend upon my parents for another year. If RCSC could postpone the PE dates depending upon the numbers of students who are willing to take the exams, a lot of pressure and responsibilities would be off me,” said Srawan.

Last year PE exams were delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic. According to RCSC, it has received the email from the students stating their problems caused due to the pandemic. An official with RCSC said that they are aware of the situation faced by the students  and their worries about the PE date. 

The official said RCSC announced the date for PE as it does every year. However, RCSC will wait for the exam schedule issued by the universities in India, and then the RCSC will come up with alternatives. 

Also the current lockdown situation in Phuentsholing and Samtse has many graduates there who are also concerned about the PE set for 15 August. 

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