Students of class VII and above in Phuentsholing Thromde will be relocated for the next academic year 2021

Class V and VI will be in self-containment mode and class PP to IV will be provided with a bus system

All schools to open next year

In order to provide uninterrupted education to the students, the ministry of education (MoE) plans that all the students of Phuentsholing thromde from class VII and above will be relocated and the primary students till class VI will be staying back in a self-containment mode for the academic year 2021.

Chief Program Officer and Officiating Director General of School Planning and Coordination Division (SPCD) Kinley Gyeltshen said class V and VI will be studying in a self-containment mode. The students will be on campus and they will be provided with boarding facilities, even teachers will be living on campus for the safety of the students and the teachers. Since class VII and above will be relocated, the existing infrastructure will be converted into residential areas where some will remain as classrooms and some will have to be re-modified into hotels and staff quarters.

The ministry is giving options to parents because the ministry is also looking at facilitating as per their convenience. The ministry will not place the students.

The ministry has put up a proposal stating that class PP to IV students will have to live with their families because they are still young and small and it will be very difficult for those young children to live in the self-containment mode and also considering the emotions of the parents and the children. Another reason is that the existing school infrastructure cannot accommodate all students from PP to VI on campus in a self-containment mode.

Since children from class PP to VI will be going to school from home unlike other students, so for the safety of these children and teachers, the ministry has put up proposal to the government to provide a bus system for them where these children will be picked up every morning from their house and then drop them to their respective houses after school.

And for those students who need Special Education Needs (SEN) Service, the ministry will place the students in other SEN schools which is more appropriate and convenient for the child and the family, said the Officiating DG.

While for two private schools in Phuentsholing, Yonten Kuenjung Academy which is in self-containment mode and Norbu Academy which is relocated in Dorokha Primary School in Samtse Dzongkhag will have to decide on whether they want to continue in self-containment mode. Since they are private entities, they can decide what they want to do. The ministry can relocate the students in others schools as all the schools will be opened next year.

And for the schools in other border areas, it depends on the situation and so far, the ministry has been receiving reports from the Dzongkhags and thromdes and the situation is all good for now. They have their own task force. Although other thromdes are not safe but the situation as compared to Phuentsholing thromde is little different.

Meanwhile, the teachers of secondary schools will be placed in different Dzongkhag wherever there is a requirement.

The Bhutanese was the first paper to report on 17th October that all schools in the country will open from next year.

Class PP to 3 will report on 15th February 2021. Class IV to VIII will report on 3rd February 2021 and classes IX, X and XII will reopen by 1st April 2021.

Class XI will reopen by mid-April 2021.

The online classes for PP to VII will end by November and promotion results will be given by 18th December 2020.

The paper has also reported that prioritized curriculum will be used as the new normal curriculum which is more advanced and will be around 65 percent of the normal curriculum.

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