Study conducted to find out teacher deployment

Gasa /Gasa Dzongkhag

The Education sector and dzongkhag Administration in Gasa along with the Human Resource Management Division of Ministry of Education conducted a study on teacher deployment in the dzongkhag.

The study, a formula based study determined by the number of instructional hours in the school in a week was aimed to find out the shortage and excess of school teachers in the dzongkhag.

According to the report the study confirmed that there is neither excess nor shortage of teachers in the school.

The study also found out that there is excess of one Bio-chemistry teacher in Bjishong Middle Secondary School and a shortage of one B.Ed primary teacher in Laya Community Primary School (CPS).

In Lunana CPS the team found out that there is a shortage of six general teachers which the investigating team found out that it is due to the less number of students in the particular school and also the new teachers are reluctant to go Lunana.

However the requisition of teachers from next academic session would be based on the findings and study conducted this year.


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