Jigme Losel School

Subject based learning: An approach to Modern Education

The subject based learning implemented in 2010 at the primary level of Jigme Losel Lower Secondary School will be scaled up to class X as the initiative has proven to be successful according to a baseline research by the school authorities.

The action research indicated significant improvement in the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

The learning system is such that students, instead of teachers, move from class to class for the respective subject where there is ample learning material. The system also allows teachers to be dedicate in a single subject as per their interest.

The chief of the school coordinator division, Kaka, said different ideas and initiatives would bring about excitement for students and teachers to teach and learn. “We haven’t planned to replicate the idea in other schools because mobility of students will be a challenge in some schools where the classrooms are far,” he said.  “Such a system of subject based learning are practiced in colleges and the idea can be implemented in the schools.”

The school principal, Choki Drukpa, said so far schools have mostly been emphasising on the physical ambience and not the classroom setting. “This method will let teachers dedicate and specialize in one subject,” she said adding that the method since implementation in 2010 has brought about significant changes in the results of students and level of interest in learning.

She said the movement of students after each period will refresh the students as opposed to having to sit in the same class for whole year. “It is also an approach to modern education,” she said.

The school has also adopted allotting each teacher 25 students to improve interaction between teacher and student. “The teacher is supposed to take on those 25 students until their graduation,” the principal said.

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