Subsidy budget for Thimphu Thromde approved

The maximum budget was allocated for road resurfacing work

The government has approved a total subsidy budget of Nu. 152.881mn to Thimphu Thromde on top of its internal revenue for the fiscal year (FY) 2013-14.

It includes a recurrent subsidy of Nu. 41.531mn and capital subsidy of Nu. 111.350mn. This, Thromde officials said, was because the actual budget allocation wouldn’t suffice.

Chief Planning Officer of Thimphu Thromde’s Urban Planning Division, Galey Norbu said, “For example, for the resurfacing of roads under Thimphu Thromde, the budget allocated will not be enough for all the road resurfacing works under Thimphu Thromde. First, we will prioritize the budget and then discuss where it is needed. As Thimphu Thromde has 200kms of roads with an area of 2067 sq. kms.”

Nu. 41.531mn shall cover for the beautification works at Changlimithang and Lingkana at an expense of Nu. 1mn, construction of public toilets at Nu. 5mn, river protection works at Jungshina with Nu. 1mn and Nu. 0.5mn each for emergency search plus rescue equipment and development of disaster management plan.

Nu. 2mn has been allocated for construction of a water supply treatment plant and Nu. 3.5mn for the extension of water supply networks. Procurement and replacement of pumps, boreholes, booster pumps, water meters, extension of sewerage network and preparation of master plan for sewerage and water supply have been allocated Nu. 14mn.

Street lighting at various locations is estimated to cost Nu. 6mn and construction of new roads, resurfacing works, road extension, linking, widening works, construction of footpaths and retaining walls amounts to Nu. 46mn.

Master plan for storm drainage, construction of parking areas, urban design for Norzin lam and Chang lam, preparation of Motithang and Changangkha Local Area Plan and construction of access road in Local Area Plan has been allocated Nu. 9.2mn.

Among the many other plans, construction of pedestrian bridges, procurement of software for building and structure designs, survey and demarcation, procurement of utility vehicles and equipment shall consume about Nu. 11mn.

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