Sungjoen App and free Wifi

In the Prime Minister (PM) Dasho Dr Lotay Tshering’s live Facebook session yesterday, PM spoke on the reason why the Sungjoen App and free WiFi pledge did not take off.

 “To provide free WiFi, we need to build lot of infrastructure. One station is not enough for 4 to 5 households. In a village there are 1,400 households, we can’t afford for all the household. It is very expensive,” PM stated.

He further said that the relevant ministry has talked with Elon Musk regarding Starlink satellite in 2019 and 2020, however, even though the Starlink has a good quality but the catchment area is limited. It is designed to work for only one to two house area.

PM added that there are plans to upgrade the satellite in the future, so hopefully by then it will have a greater reach, and Bhutan will also benefit from it.

Many Bhutanese people are active in WeChat and WhatsApp, but Sungjpoen App is aimed at having only Bhutanese users, but the plans for the App are on hold for now.

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