Suspects behind lhakhang burglary still at large

Yami Goenba located in the desert area about four hours walk from Talo in Punakha has been burglarized. Two pairs of elephant tusks and a rhino horn were stolen.

The caretaker, Lam Bitu, 55 at the time was at an official meeting in Punakha.

His sister in law who went to the goenba  (monastery)  to offer water on the morning of 1 December informed him about the incident which was immediately reported to the police.

The dealing officer of the case said no clues were found from the crime scene but all check points across the country were alerted about the stolen items.

There are no settlements in and around the goenba  and the sister-in-law who first witnessed the incident lives about three to four hours away from the monastery.

Lam Bitu has been the caretaker for the past four years.


Chencho Dema / Thimphu


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