Suspects caught when stolen SIM card was used to vote for Talent Show

What would you do if you had an all-expense-paid SIM card in your hands? Make International calls, surf the net endlessly or attempt to vote your favorite dancer to victory?

Two suspects of whom one is currently in the Thimphu police’s custody, decided to use the opportunity to shower their favorite dancer from Dance Khoray Dance (a local talent show) with votes worth more than Nu 100,000.

Thimphu Police have detained the male suspect and are on the look-out for the other, a female.

The suspects have run-up charges for the owner up to Nu 160,000 to make calls and to vote for a local talent show called, ‘Dance Khoray Dance’. The votes went in favor of contestant Number 42.

The postpaid SIM card was left behind by the business woman with one of her staff who had lent it to one of his friends who misplaced it last month. It was not until they received the bills few days back that they realized the SIM card was misused. The SIM was immediately deactivated.

From the bill, the owner could trace the numbers called from the SIM. The first call that was made from the SIM had lasted for an hour. She tried dialing few numbers from the bills and lodged a complaint with the police.

The staff, Tshering Tashi said calls worth Nu 3000 were made and the remaining money was used to send SMS (Short Message Services) votes.

The owner said she asked the suspect (who admitted to having taken the SIM card) to clear the bills but he could not.

“So there was no option but to lock him up and take him to court,” she added.


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