Suung Joen app and free WIFI within five years

Member from Bumdeling Jamkhar constituency questioned the Ministry of Information and Communication, Lyonpo Karma Donnen Wangdi on Suung Joen app during the Friday question hour session.

“Currently, social media applications like WeChat and WhatsApp are widely used in the country but that requires internet connectivity. Suung Joen app, as pronounced by the government, will be very similar to WeChat and WhatsApp but will not require internet and people can communicate freely. I feel that it is a good initiative of the government and it will benefit the people.”

He added, “Many people are curious or excited to know about the Suung Joen app that the government pledged during the campaign. The government also pledged that it will begin to work on Suung Joen in 120 days. So I would like to know when the Suung Joen app will be functional.”

Lyonpo karma Donnen Wangdi informed the house that Suung Joen app is one of the important pledges that the government pledged during their campaign. The works are ongoing to make the Suung Joen app functional as soon as possible.”

Lyonpo said, “Suung Joen is an internet app and just like a vehicle which needs a route to travel, it also requires a route and we are planning to provide the route through WIFI. We need these two things- Suung Joen and WI FI together and in the absence of one, things will not go right”.

He said, “Regarding Suung Joen app, we are constantly discussing with the relevant stakeholders and, as pledged to begin the work within 120 days, the study works are already underway.

It is important that the government provide services of Suung Joen app and WIFI to the people of 20 dzongkhags within 5 years and we have to also make sure that while providing such services, it will benefit the people.”

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  1. Will we get wifi after five years now is it sure????

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