Tackling traffic congestion during Thimphu Tshechu

Traffic Police urge people to carpool or use just one car per family


Thimphu Traffic Division, Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) expects an increase in traffic flow during the festive occasion of Thimphu Tshechu this year. RBP stated there is 11 percent increase in vehicle numbers compared to 2015.

Therefore, RBP is adding two more parking spaces this year, in Zilukha school playground and the areas near Royal Supreme Court and cremation ground.

“The main challenge we face during such a festival is the lack of parking space, leading to traffic congestion, and the other challenge we face is to guide the public due to the shortage of man power,” said the Traffic SP.

A shuttle bus services for the general public is in place to ease the parking difficulties.

Meanwhile, parking spaces have been allocated for dignitaries and high officials in front of Tendrel Thang, Zimpon’s office and right corner space. For dzong committee, catering service, RAPA, Dratshang Lhentshog and RBP duty official, the parking allocation is made at Gate III behind the Trashichhodzong.

Parking in front of RCSC office is allocated for all government vehicles, armed force vehicles, private vehicle for the general public of South Thimphu (adjustable) and for dropping and picking of tourists.

Parking behind SAARC Building or NA Building and parking at Royal Supreme Court and cremation ground are allocated for the public coming from North Thimphu, where the public can walk through the Bazam towards Tendrel Thang. For the public of West Thimphu, the designated parking space is at Zilukha school playground and for the public coming from South Thimphu; their designated parking area is at Centenary Farmers’ Market.

In order to ease traffic congestion, Thimphu Traffic Division urges the public to cooperate so that everything goes smoothly.

“We request public to refrain from taking more than one vehicle from each family, unless they are not adjustable in one vehicle and people can combine and take a single car, which might help in traffic congestion and occupancy of a parking,” he added.

To cut down on avoidable issues, like traffic congestion and congested parking, he asked the public to use the shuttle bus service as far as possible. He said, “To avoid minor accidents during such times, do park your car in proper parking space and avoid double parking.”

“Pedestrians are requested to use the walk ways and zebra crossings at all times and any violators shall be dealt in according to the law,” he added.


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