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Bhutanese democracy since 2008

While the 2013 general election is the main topic of discussion these days what is more relevant to Bhutan is the growth of our young democracy from 2008 to 2012. The last four years of our democracy have been importantly mainly from the point of the evolution of our young …

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Part-3 How RTI can help achieve GNH

6. Education This is another example of an area where the people and the government can work together, and make transparency legislation twice as powerful. Education is the fastest growing demand amongst most sections of society, but most especially amongst the weaker sections, and it is largely up to the …

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How RTI Can Help Achieve GNH

Gross National Happiness (GNH) comprises four critical pillars: Good Governance, Culture, Economic Development and Environment. At a finer level, it has nine elements which further detail out these four pillars and add depth to the philosophy of GNH. These are Psychological Well-being; Time Use; Community Vitality; Culture; Health; Education; Environmental …

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