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Teachers say they overpaid for poor quality laptops

The Nu 100 mn project of the MoE that bought laptops and desktops for around 3000 teachers comes under fire The Ministry of Education’s (MoE)  ‘Empowering Teachers’ project which was initiated in mid-2009 and ended in April  this year has created loan repayment and miscommunication problems among three agencies – …

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Forty-four teachers trained on Driglam Namzha

Forty-four teachers under Thimphu Thromde attended a six-day training on Driglam Namzha that concluded last Saturday. The training was coordinated by Department of Culture (DoC) under Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs (MoHCA). The Department thought that if teachers were trained on Driglam Namzha, they could disseminate their knowledge to …

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