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Wrong diagnoses ails!

A 35-year old woman had pain in her leg and was operated on in the Thimphu Hospital. A few days later, her back swelled up so she had to undergo a second surgery. Her body started to dysfunction after that and she had a problem going to the bathroom. This …

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A losar patrol with our policemen

  On this losar eve, back dropped against the many stabbing cases in the country, I decided to spend the night with the patrol team of the Royal Bhutan Police. As a rookie reporter assigned the crime beat, I thought I should learn first hand the hardships our police personnel …

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6,300 blood units needed but only 50 collected so far

The blood bank in Thimphu Hospital requires 6,300 units of blood to meet emergencies but it has collected only 50 units so far this year. Last year, the blood bank collected 3,804 units of which 78 percent came from voluntary donors including mobile camps and walk-ins. Patients’ family members donated …

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