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Quality assurance management workshop for training providers

Around 39 participants from private training providers and technical training institutes gathered for a first-time workshop on quality assurance management in training institutes conducted by the Department of Occupational Standard (DOS) under the labor ministry on 4th May in Paro. According to the Head of the Quality Assurance Division, labor …

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Special skills training for monks and nuns

For more than a decade, the Labor ministry (MoLHR) has been providing Special Skills Development Programme (SSDP) for groups not integrated into the general education system. Initially, the group included armed personnel, juvenile and disabled youth. But from the year 1999 till 2011, the ministry has also trained around 845 monks and 209 nuns in the traditional arts and crafts which were …

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Teaching considered “noble” no more

It’s the same old story again. Teaching, the so-called “noble” profession does not have many takers in Bhutan with most university graduates placing the vocation last in their list of preferences. Almost every teacher agrees that there is a huge incentive mismatch with the work load they have. “We don’t get …

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