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Red Panda cub yet to be relocated

Although there are plans to relocate Phub Dem, a Red Panda rescued from Trongsa by Forest Protection and Surveillance Unit (FPSU) of Department of Forests and Park Services (DoFPS) as a two-month old cub, to Lamperi Botanical Park (RBP), it could not be done till date. This according to officials of the Wildlife Conservation Division (WCD) is due to budget constraints. “Lamperi …

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Miracle elephant climbs up a snow mountain in Bhutan

Blame it on climate change or animal determination, a four-year old tusker has climbed all the way up a snow mountain at 3,419 meters above sea level in Chukha, Bhutan, posing  serious questions to conservationists on how this tusker, usually seen in tropical areas, scaled this height. This ‘transient solitary …

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