Taj Tashi takes part in corporate initiative called Eco-Innovators

The Taj Tashi’s corporate initiative called Eco-Innovators is presently ongoing in order to observe a 100 days’ journey to give back to planet earth in an endeavor to reinforce environment-friendly practices into the ethos of the company.

A conference on this matter was held at Taj Tashi hotel on 21 May.

According to world wear project 2013, an average of 31 kgs of clothing and shoes are thrown per person annually with a majority ending up in landfills. Discarding would be waste, not just of the material itself, but of the water and energy that went into the manufacturing.

Hence, Taj Tashi has partnered with the community with the dual objective of recycling shoes and at the same time giving back to society. Discarding would be a waste, not just of the material itself, but of the water and energy that went into the manufacturing.

Almost 100% of shoes can be recycled, regardless of quality of condition, recycling shoes benefits charities, demonstrate sustainability and environmentalism, which reduces solid waste (landfill) and provides employment to semi-skilled workers.

Moreover, 70-80 % of people not wearing shoes have a high risk of injury to their foot, insect bites, snake bites, and germs can penetrate into the body through the foot easily.

Taj Tashi’s General Manger Rajiv Nischal said, “Starting 15 April 2013, Tashi group is holding an initiative known as Eco-Innovative that runs across 110 hotels across the groups. The objective of this is to involve with associates to undertake innovative ways of addressing climate change as well as reassess current policies and practices that help to reduce hotel operation impact on the environment around us.”

“The biggest challenge is raising additional funds, if we look at the target of 1,500 shoes, we need about NU 150,000 to refurbish the shoes,” he added.

Tshering Dorji 

Taj Tashi will undertake a shoe drive, wherein, approximately 1,500 old shoes will be collected from the community and refurbished with assistance from “Help Shoe Bhutan” at a cost of Nu 90 per shoe. The mended shoes will be distributed with the support of Tarayana Foundation, RENEW, and also as direct donations to the weaker sections of the society.

Funds for repairing the shoes will be raised by donations and through a charity musical concert at Taj Tashi in June 2013. This concert is supported by well known local and international performers Ms Keza, Ms Gaile Griciute, Mr Sunny Tobjay, and Zhaw.

This project was partnered and supported by DHI, MoLHR, MoFA, TCB, BPC, BNB, UNDP, Royal Thimphu College (RTC), Motithang Higher Secondary School (MHSS), BOB, T-Bank, RICBL, Kuensel, Yeewong magazine, Business Bhutan, Bhutan Today, Bhutan Observer, Raven magazine, The Journalist, The Bhutanese, Druk Neytshuel, ABTO, NEC, and Help Shoe Bhutan.

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