Tashi Samdrup wins the final race from Trongsa

Tashi Samdrup, 42, from Nubi gewog in Trongsa, won the NC race against his two opponents. He has secured 2,309 votes (EVM- 1,695 and Postal Ballot- 614), while his opponents, Tharchen, an incumbent, secured 2,005 votes, and Gyem Dorji secured 1,344 votes.

He said the win in the election has him feeling excited and a bit nervous and worried at the same time. He said his ability to understand the people’s needs, and in turn, gaining their trust, as it is his second time contesting in the NC race, has helped him to win.

He thanked the people of Trongsa for electing him to serve the nation and people better.

“It is not that I have won or I am the winner, the reality is that people are the real winner,” he added. He also said that his top priority will be to serve Tsa-Wa-Sum with full dedication.

“Besides that, I will know my responsibility better and it is a must to know the importance of making policies from a grass-root level to serve better,” he added.

His other priority will be to promote tourism in Trongsa, as a rich bio-diversity hotspot. He said that he will support the policies aimed at developing tourism products and revive tourism activities.

Tashi Samdrup holds MSc. in Mountain Forestry and BSc. in Environmental Management. He has served for 18 years under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests and as a social and environmental consultant under World Bank and FAO project, MoAF for 3 years.

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