The hospital: Photo credit to Shyam Lal Limbu

Tashicholing hospital will benefit 30,000 people

The Tashicholing Hospital Project in Samtse was launched on 18 April 2022 and is set to be a pivotal initiative to benefit approximately 30,000 individuals. The project is a crucial component of the ‘111th National Day Footprint Initiative,’ estimated to be complete by October of this year.

Tashicholing Gewog, encompassing five chiwogs, stands out as one of the most densely populated gewogs in the region.

Presently, residents in Tashicholing Gewog,  in dire need of health check-ups,  rely on the limited facilities of a Grade 1 BHU with just 10 beds, resulting in bed shortages and water supply issues.

Despite these challenges, the BHU has been serving an estimated 30,000 individuals in the gewog.

In a talk with the gewog’s Gup, Kinga Peljure, he mentioned that when local infrastructure falls short, patients are compelled to seek medical assistance from hospitals in Samtse, Phuentsholing, and JDWNRH in Thimphu.

With several other ongoing projects, like the Bindu Project and Gyalsung Project, and educational institutions, the completion of the Tashicholing Hospital is poised to bring significant benefits to the vast population by providing enhanced healthcare services, according to Gup.

The establishment of the Tashicholing Hospital marks a milestone in advancing healthcare accessibility and quality in the region. It is anticipated to alleviate the strain on existing healthcare facilities and elevate overall health outcomes for the residents of Tashicholing Gewog and its neighboring areas.

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