Tashiding common forum

The two gup candidates of Tashiding gewog in Dagana dzongkhag have concluded their Common Forum visiting four chiwogs and making themselves known to the voters as their next likely leaders.

As the candidates prepare for the September 27th Poll Day of the second LG elections, they are working to please and woo the voters.

Hundreds of voters gathered at the Tashiding school multipurpose hall to listen to the pledges and promises of candidates if they get elected.

During the village cluster meetings to finalise the nominations of LG candidates, the former gup, Namgay Pelden, secured 245 votes of the 297 votes cast. The other candidate, Karma Dechen Chogyal, secured 52 votes.

Namgay Pelden pledged to continue the remaining developmental activities of the current five-year plan and work closely with the people in resolving gewog problems.

She pledged to address poor road and bridge infrastructure, water supply, transport and communication, agriculture, health and schools. She also said that having women in politics improves the social wellbeing because of the positive changes to the weaker sections of society.

The other gup candidate Karma Dechen Chogyal, former gewog clerk, said he is aware of the challenges facing the gewog.

During the common forum he said that he did not have any pledges but that he understood the real needs of the people.

Having served for 14 years in local government he said that all the experience garnered through the years would be a waste if he does not take the opportunity this time to contest for gup.

“Most importantly I am happy that people have trust in me that I can represent them better,” Karma Dechen Chogyal said.


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