TCC gets tough on sewage management

Thimphu sewage lines are literally bursting at the seams, with sewage flowing out into the main streets and corner alleys but now the Thimphu City Corporation (TCC) will be taking strict measures to allay the problem.

House owners usually visit the sewage office when their sewage tanks are full and needs to be emptied. The municipal authorities then send vehicles to collect  sewage from the tanks and empty them  in an opening located in the main town which is directly connected to the treatment plant in Babesa Express Highway.

According to Suntosh Subba from TCC, the problem exacerbates when it rains.

“It is due to  illegal connection of gutters with the main sewage line,” he said, adding that another pertinent problem is that some people join the drainage system to the sewage line. Sometimes, the sewage system bursts due to stones, sticks, papers and torn sacks that people throw into it.

However, according to TCC’s Chief Engineer, the corporation will now fine houses having “illegal connections” .

The Thimphu Thrompon, Kinley Dorji, said that “occupancy certificate is a requirement that is never enforced”.

However, he has instructed inspectors from the Development Division Sector  to issue the certificate only after inspecting the buildings and ensuring that gutter and drain lines were not attached to the sewage pipe.

Presently, the Thimphu Thromde is strictly monitoring the construction of new buildings and enforcing building rules. Owners of apartments having drains connected to the sewage line, have been asked to stop or seal the lines before summer.

Thimphu Thromde is now making occupancy certificates mandatory but it will be valid only for a certain period of time.   The certificate will be necessary to avail loans from financial institutions or to get a new power connection.

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