Teachers and Doctors can now aspire to be Executives

The Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) has come up with a notification that will now allows professionals like teachers, doctors, engineers and others to apply and compete for the relevant executive positions.

This had been restricted in 2016 by the RCSC where professionals could only apply for positions related to them like an IT officer being only allowed to apply for IT positions under the super structure grouping.

This had been further reinforced in December 2021 and November 2022 notifications.

However, this is now changed with the ‘Expanding the Talent Pool of Civil Service Executives,’ notification.

Under this, candidates from the specialist category and even outside the civil service may be considered for Civil Service Executive positions. The selection process will involve assessing the candidates’ domain and leadership competencies.

Apart from this the RCSC will also increase the level of involvement from senior representatives from the relevant agencies and domain clusters to select the candidates with greater representation from agencies in the panel and may also involve independent members or experts. The agency representatives would help develop the job description.

A RCSC official said that with professionals like teachers and doctors leaving in large numbers this is to motivate them and open up a career path for them to be executives.

For example, currently teachers cannot apply for executive positions in the Ministry of Education and Skills Development, but with this notification they can do so if they fulfill the criteria and have the domain expertise.

Teachers can even apply in Technical Departments in other ministries like Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Employment if their domain skills match that of the vacancy being given.

In the case of doctors, they can apply to the newly formed National Medical Services in JDNWRH that is autonomous to hold Director level positions there. The notification should also allow doctors to apply for relevant executive positions in their field.

The RCSC official said that one common complaint in the past was that it would be a RCSC majority committee while selecting executives but from now on there would be equal agency representation too along with an independent expert.

The notification also allows people from outside the civil service to apply and it also gives provisions to select younger but very talented people in exceptional cases even if they cannot meet all the criteria.

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