Thailand- a medical tourism destination


The director of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Ms Runjuan Tongrut was in Thimphu to promote medical tourism in Thailand. She is also in-charge of dealing with India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal.

“Medical tourism combines health care with wellness, leisure and relaxation, which draws you away from daily routine to a relaxed surrounding in an exotic location, making Thailand the ideal destination,” she said at the Taj Tashi in Thimphu during a session for medical tourism on 17 May.

Speaking at the session, she said the medical service in Thailand range from plastic surgery, dentistry, general treatment of bones, joints and tendons, cardiology, to the diagnostic services in the various hospitals.

The TAT director also showcased Thailand’s internationally-accredited medical facilities that include 28 hospitals that have highly qualified medical professionals certified by American Board.  Ms Tongrut also talked about the cost saving on medical treatment compared to identical treatments in the developed world, prompt medical treatment with numerous operating theaters and qualified surgeons, and access to the latest technologies like Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) which enables images such as x-rays and scans to be stored electronically. She also promoted the service provided to the patients who are made to feel like guests on a holiday.

“Hospitals in Thailand have excellent restaurants, coffee shops and personalized room service, not seen or experienced anywhere else in the world,” she said.

“In 1997, 1.4mn tourists visited Thailand for health & medical treatment. In 2011, it increased to 2.2mn and each year the total tourists to Thailand grow by approx 10%,” she added.

Apart from medical tourism she also spoke about Thailand as the tourism hub known across the world, and made world renowned by its sightseeing attraction like, the temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew), Pattaya-fun in the sun, Hua Hin-Royal retreat, Andaman Awesomeness in Phuket, and Krabi and Gulf Getaways in Koh Samui.

The presentation was attended by medical doctors from Thai hospitals, Thai guests, travel agents, and the media in Bhutan.

Thukten Zangpo

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